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Energy Services Division​
A.  OUR VISIONTo achieve excellence in the provision of building services
     OUR MISSION: To provide timely, cost effective and top quality Mechanical and Electrical services to our customers and to promote energy efficiency.
·         consultancy services for capital projects (infrastructure, buildings, highways, sports complex etc.) encompassing around 30 different types of equipment.
·         daily operation, maintenance & repairs of electrical installations including plants and equipment (Lifts, Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Generators, UPS, Electric Motors, Pumps, Fire Alarms, Autoclaves, Cold Rooms, Building Energy Management Systems, etc) 
·         design and preparation of technical specifications for refurbishment of electrical works in Govt & private buildings rented by Govt bodies
·         providing technical assistance to official functions & events (National Assembly Elections, Municipal/Village Council elections), International and National events and conferences, Independence day, Religious and Cultural events (like Maha Shivaratree/Divali/Festival Kreole), Sports events (such as Jeux des iles, International football matches), power supply (including generators) for all salle vertes for functions etc.,
·         providing an on call/standby service for hospitals, national assembly, police dept., prisons, fire services, office of the president, meteorological dept., civil aviation dept., bad weather, cyclones etc.
·         design and consultancy services for renewable energies
·         tender evaluation in connection with Electrical works
·         attending and reporting on fire & electrocution cases to courts
·         Other cognate electrical engineering duties
     We provide free consultancy services to Ministries/Departments in all aspects of electrical works such as electrical installations, air conditioning and refrigeration, standby generators, UPS’s, water pumps, lifts, autoclaves, incinerators amongst others.
The Energy Services Division structural organisation comprises a Director, Deputy Director, six Lead Engineers, twenty Electrical Engineer/ Senior Electrical Engineers, staff of the Technicians and respective Inspectorate grades, Electricians, Plant Mechanics, Tradesman’s Assistants and supporting staff of the stores, Personnel and General Services Cadres.
Where we are located
We are located at the following places to provide efficient services. Wherever you are, you can contact our regional offices for any emergencies


SN Officer in Charge Designation Email Office/Phone No/Fax No Area covered
1 Mr S Jingree
Temporary Director
Medine Mews  Port Louis  Coordinate all regions
T: 214 3870
F: 214 3867

Medine Mews  
Port Louis 
Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Air Con Unit, New Government Centre
T: 214 3869

2 Mr A F Bunally Lead Engineer Medine Mews
Port Louis 
Dr A G Jeetoo Hospital & Port Louis and outskirts & Upper Black River region
T: 214 9521

3 Mr R K Sembhoo Lead Engineer  Medine Mews Port Louis  North & SSRNH
T: 214 9522

4 Mr U Deerpaul Lead Engineer  Medine Mews
Port Louis 
PMOC (Victoria Hospital), ESD Rose Hill (East & West), Moka District, Lower Plaine Wilhems, Lower Black River
T: 214 9515

5 Mr S Issarsing Lead Engineer  Medine Mews 
Port Louis 
Flacq and Mahebourg Hospital  and the South, and Grand Port and Flacq district
T: 214 9518

6 Mr R Ramsurn Lead Engineer  Medine Mews Port Louis  Vacoas ENT Hospital, Savanne District + Upper Plaines Wilhems, J Nehru and Souillac Hospital



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